Business Data Integration

Tippoint brings data from disparate sources into Microsoft SharePoint, thus providing company stakeholders and users with a single point of access to all information needed in their daily work.
The Problem
Even though Microsoft SharePoint is a great collaboration platform, organisations still utilize a constellation of other applications and services to run their business. These solutions store data in a variety of locations and formats, forcing employees to constantly switch between applications while looking for the information they need to complete their daily tasks.
Our Solution
Tippoint's solution brings business critical data from disparate applications and services into Microsoft SharePoint, thus providing users with a single point of access to all necessary resources. Our solution makes it easy for company employees to discover information by integrating data with SharePoint search. What is more, access to data is not read-only, but allows users to perform updates based on defined security permissions.

On the screenshots - one of our clients has real-time stock exchange data accessible in Microsoft SharePoint.

The benefits of our solution are:
  • Extract business information from a variety of data sources
  • Provide single point of access to data so users no longer have to switch between applications
  • SharePoint search integration making it easy for employees to discover the resources they need
  • Ability to modify data and save updates in the underlying system
  • Enhanced security to control who sees what