Reporting Engine

We deliver a flexible and extensible reporting engine that turns business information from a variety of data sources into sophisticated reports. Our solution helps deliver key insights for smarter operational and strategic decision making.
The Problem
The most important resource in each organisation - from a small family firm to a large international corporation, is business data. Employees work with company information every day to complete their tasks using a variety of applications, storage locations and data formats. Disparate data sources make it a challenging task to provide managers with access to real-time view of business information which they need in order to oversee how the company operates. With time the size of data grows quickly and adds even more complexity.
Our Solution
Tippoint built a flexible and extensible reporting engine that can gather business data from a variety of sources and present it in a sophisticated way. Once created, reports are published in a centralized location, making them easy to access from a variety of client devices and platforms. It is possible for end users to update already published reports or create reports on their own.
Our solution brings the following benefits:
  • Extract business information from a variety of data sources
  • Present data in compelling reports that can be as simple or as complex as needed
  • View reports in desktop applications and over the web
  • Keep reports in a centralized location so it is easy to push updates
  • Deliver a set of predefined reports for the most important needs of the management
  • Allow end users to create additional reports that suit their needs