Voip Information Management

Our solution for managing Voip information provides real-time access to application critical data from multiple client devices. It improves process visibility, efficiency and control.
The Problem
Organisations providing Voip services need to monitor and manage application data in real-time. A Voip solution generates large amount of information which calls for sophisticated analysis tools, so that problems, whenever they arise, can be detected and resolved quickly.
Our Solution
Tippoint delivers a secure and efficient application to help manage Voip services. Our solution allows you to monitor, analyze and manage SIP lines and users, call data records, carrier rates, authentication codes and many more.
Our solution has these advantages:
  • Real-time view of the status of Voip services
  • Capture all information in a centralized database
  • Advanced analysis tools
  • Enhanced security to control who sees what
  • Access from multiple client devices